Naked Birch

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Single exposure, photographed from a car at speed. Hand numbered and signed, with a certificate of authentication.

  • Awarded in “GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, 2012.
  • Awarded and exhibited in “TransNatura International Photo Contest 2015” in Romania.
  • Exhibited in the solo exhibition “intimo” in Melhus, 2018
  • Exhibited in a solo exhibition in Daba Art Café in Stjørdal, 2018


Canvas on blind frame, framed in black frame.


Naken bjørk, foto: Dag Røttereng

Canvas on blind frame, 45×45 cm, framed in black frame, with a certificate of autenticity.


Detail, canvas on blind frame, 45×45 cm, framed in black frame.


On the back of a blind framed canvas.


The image is sent in a roll if it is not purchased framed.


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